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Рассылка 'Новости систем хранения данных.'

Новости систем хранения данных
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T9840 tape drives

The StorageTek® access-centric T9840 tape drive is ideal for applications that demand high data throughput and fast recall. Available with two-gigabit Fibre Channel, two gigabit FICON and ESCON connectivity, these drives give you access to data at an average of just 12 seconds. The StorageTek T9840C drive stores up to 40 gigabytes native on a single cartridge.

T9840A T9840B T9840C
Capacity, native (uncompressed): 20 GB 20 GB 40 GB
Interface: 1 Gb Fibre Channel, Ultra-SCSI HVD (40 MB/sec), ESCON 20 MB/sec (maximum) 2 Gb Fibre Channel, ESCON, ESCON for VSM, 2 Gb FICON for FICON and FICON Express channels 2 Gb Fibre Channel, ESCON, ESCON for VSM, 2 Gb FICON for FICON and FICON Express channels
Average file access time (first file): 12 sec 12 sec 12 sec
Data transfer rate, native (uncompressed): 10 MB/sec 19 MB/sec 30 MB/sec


Backup and restore
Using T9840 tape drives for backup and restore shortens backup and recovery times and improves system response time. The T9840 can be used in combination with other drives, including the T9940 tape drive, to match specific backup and restore performance and capacity needs.
Offline processing
Fast-access T9840 tape drives provide a cost-efficient option to disk for offline processing applications.
Fixed content distribution
Tape libraries can act as a high-volume source for fixed content data when outfitted with fast-access T9840 tape drives. When implemented with VolSafe write-once-read-many (WORM) secure media, T9840 tape drives help secure high-value fixed content while it is distributed.


Faster access to information
Faster data access enables you to meet more of your data storage needs with affordable tape, minimizing the need for higher-cost disk.
Reduced backup windows
With native data transfer rates of 30 megabytes per second, the T9840C drive allows you to store more data in less time to meet your shrinking backup windows.
Increased productivity
Higher data transfer rates enable you to reduce batch windows and improve access to data, so your IT staff can get more work done in less time.
Higher resource utilization
The T9840C drive stores 40 gigabytes per cartridge, twice the capacity of StorageTek T9840A and T9840B tape drives. This effectively doubles the capacity of existing cartridges and libraries.
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