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Рассылка 'Новости систем хранения данных.'

Новости систем хранения данных
На главную arrow 4mm DAT NEW!!! arrow Compaq 4/8 DAT Drive

Compaq 4/8-GB DAT Drive

Next-generation DAT drive utilizes DDS2 technology to perform up to 25 percent faster, and a new mechanism reduces the need for cleaning. Protects servers up to 8 GB in capacity

Improved Reliability
New advancements in tape technology have produced a tape drive which requires less cleaning and provides improved backup/restore operation.

Improved Performance
This new version of the industry-standard DDS-2 DAT Drive provides a Maximum 3.6 GB per hour data transfer rate, which is up to 25 percent greater than other DDS-2 drives.

Industry-Standard DDS-2
DDS-2 format with increased capacity and over twice the data-transfer rate of DDS1 drives; compatible with DDS1 tapes to read and write to DDS1

Built-in hardware compression

Compatibility and Integration Testing
Fully tested on a variety of Compaq products, including Prosignia and ProLiant Systems

Operating Environment Support
Microsoft Windows NT Supported under Microsoft Windows NT using the Windows NT 4.0 Backup utility supported using Computer Associates ARCserveITТ 6.61 and higher for NT or VERITAS  Backup Exec 7.3 and higher for NT
Novell NetWare Supported under NetWare 3.x and higher using Computer Associates ARCserveIT 6.61 and higher or VERITAS Backup Exec 8.0 and higher
SCO UNIX Native support under SCO OpenServer v 5.x UnixWare v 7.x

Option Kit Contents
DAT Drive
4-GB DDS2 DAT Cassette
Cleaning Cassette
Mounting Bracket


Warranty Three-year parts, one-year, 24-hour swap
Recommended Maximum Server Size < 8 GB
Native 2-1 DC
120 Meter (DDS-2) 4 GB 8 GB
Transfer Rates
Native (maximum) 1.8 GB/hour
Native (typical) 1.4 GB/hour
2:1 Compression (maximum) 3.6 GB/hour
2:1 Compression (typical) 2.8 GB/hour
Data Access Time
Average load/unload swap time <14 seconds
Search Speed Average of 40 seconds to any point on a 120-meter tape
Physical Dimensions
5.25 inch Half Height

Tape Width
Tape Length
1.6 H, 4 W, 5.9 D (inches)
41 H, 102 W, 150 D (mm)
0.15 in/3.81 mm
393 ft/120 m
Tape Format
Recording Method Helical Scan
Recording Format ANSI/ECMA DDS-DC
Data Compression Lempel-Ziv (DCLZ)
Error Detection/Correction Reed Solomon (3 levels)

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