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Рассылка 'Новости систем хранения данных.'

Новости систем хранения данных
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HP C1536A DDS Drive

Product Summary

Based on the HP C1534A mechanism, this drive incorporates built-in hardware data compression (DDS-DC), which provides extra capacity and minimizes CPU utilization, giving excellent performance.

A sustainable transfer rate of 366 KB/s means that the HP C1536A can typically store 4 GB of data on a single 90 meter cartridge in three hours. Read after write verification ensures a high level of data integrity.

Key Features

  • Uses Digital Data Storage Data Compression (DDS-DC), industry standard data compression, giving:
    - typically 366 KB/s transfer rate
    - typically 4GB of data on a single 90 meter cartridge
  • Finds any file in an average of 50 seconds using Fastsearch
  • 200,000 hours mean time between failures (MTBF)
  • Supports both 60m and 90m DDS and DDS Media Recognition System (MRS) cartridges
  • Single-ended SCSI interface
  • Format compatible with all DDS and DDS-DC format DAT drives
  • Industry standard 3.5 inch form factor
  • Downloadable firmware
  • Connectivity configuration switches
  • Customizable front panels
  • Mounting kits for 5.25 inch half height form factors
  • HP service and support (one year return to dealer/HP warranty).

Supported Commands - SCSI II

Drive Commands

Erase; Inquiry; Mode Select; Mode Sense; Read; Read Block Address;
Release/Reserve Unit; Request Sense; Rewind; Send Diagnostic; Space; Test
Unit Ready; Write; Write Filemarks.

Optional Commands

Load/Unload; Locate; Log Select/Sense; Prevent/Allow Medium Removal; Read
Buffer; Read Position; Receive Diagnostic Results; Verify; Write Buffer.

Technical Specifications


Capacity 2.6 GBytes (typical)
60 meter tape 1.3 GBytes (native)
90 meter tape 4.0 GBytes (typical)
2.0 GBytes (native)
Transfer rate Sustained:366 Kbytes/s (typical)
Asynch. 1.5 MB/s (max)
Synch. 5.0 MB/s (max)
Search Speed Ave. access time: 50s (90m tape)
Recording Format ANSI/ECMA DDS-DC (DCLZ** algorithm)
Reliability Expected MTBF: 200,000 power-on hours*
**Data Compression Lempel-Ziv is the industry standard for hardware-compressed (DDS-DC) tapes.

Power Requirements

+5V DC +/-5% 0.8A typical
+12V DC +/-10% 0.2A typical **
Consumption 5 Watts typical
**Reprogramming EEPROMs requires 12V DC +/- 5%

Environmental Conditions

Ambient temperature  
Operating 5 to 40* ( 41 to 104**) mech and media
Non-operating -40 to 70* (-40 to 158**) mech
-40 to 45* (-40 to 113**) media
Relative Humidity  
Operating 20% to 80% mech and media
Non-operating 5% to 95% mech
20% to 80% media
Maximum wet-bulb temp 26* non-condensing
*degrees Celsius **degrees Fahrenheit

Physical Specifications

Height: 41mm (1.6 inch)
102mm (4.0 inch)
Depth: 150mm (5.9 inch)


DDS Media Recognition System (MRS) compatible. Supports 60m and 90m DDS cartridge tapes.

Product Certification

UL Recognition to UL 1950 CSA Certification to C22.2 No 950 IEC 950 TUV-EN 60950
*Hewlett-Packard Company does not warrant that the predicted MTBF is representative of any particular unit installed for customer use. Failure rates are derived from a large database of tape drives. The actual figures will vary from unit to unit.


C1536-00100 Internal DDS-DC data compression DAT drive (typical capacity 4 GB)
C1534-90400 3.5-inch front panel (black), box of 40
C1534-90600 3.5-inch front panel (white), box of 40
C1534-90700 3.5-inch front panel (gray), box of 40
C1534-90100 5.25-inch upgrade kit (gray panel), box of 8
C1534-90300 5.25-inch upgrade kit (black panel), box of 8
C1534-90500 5.25-inch upgrade kit (white panel), box of 8
C1534-90501 IBM PS/2 front panel, box of 8

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