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Рассылка 'Новости систем хранения данных.'

Новости систем хранения данных
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Quantum SDLT600A

В основу системы SDLT 600A положена расширенная версия проверенной технологии Quantum DLT®, часто используемая для хранения данных компаниями, входящими в рейтинг Fortune 500. Этот ленточный накопитель с возможностью сетевого подключения и файлового доступа предназначен для сохранения профессиональной видео информации. Новый накопитель предназначен для резервного копирования, совместного использования и архивирования видеозаписи высокой четкости (HD) и стандартной четкости (SD), а также других массивов данных на рентабельные и долговечные ленточные носители данных. Ленточный накопитель SDLT 600A с поддержкой технологии DLTxchange предлагает преимущества ленточного накопителя и универсальность видеоленты и поддерживает формат MXF (Material Exchange Format), который, принят сообществом ‘Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers’ в качестве стандарта обмена файлов между платформами и приложениями.

Features and Benefits
  • Easy to Deploy – With its included gigabit Ethernet interface and built-in FTP, the SDLT 600A can be easily attached to any network where it becomes accessible to every workstation and server through Windows Explorer and standard browsers. The system can be used in stand-alone rack-mount and table-top configurations as well as integrated into the full range of robotic tape libraries.
  • Flexible – The data tape format of the SDLT 600A includes a file system on the tape, making any cartridge readable anywhere, anytime. Traditional video archiving uses proprietary management software which dictates that tapes must remain locked in a library system in order to restore any data. Quantum's Super DLTtape® IIA cartridges are free from this constraint – they can be easily moved between libraries, stand-alone drives and even video facilities. With this flexibility, the SDLT 600A with DLTxchange is ideal for serving the full range of video applications -- from hand-carrying video content out to a truck for live production to a facility-wide, long-term, secure archive.
  • Secure Yet Accessible – Quantum's Super DLTtape IIA data cartridges have a robust 30-year archival life that ensures the longevity of precious video content. At the same time, the SDLT 600A system is an ideal solution for archiving content because files are easily accessible. The SDLT 600A makes partial restores of subclip files by timecode or even metadata with an ease unlike any other data tape solution — a new level of accessibility in data tape that defines "working storage."
  • Unmatched Performance and Capacity – At a native 36 MB/s, data transfer is many times faster than real time, even in HD. At a native capacity of 300 GB per tape, a single tape can accommodate more than six hours of 100 Mb/s HD content.
  • Cost-Effective – In addition to its file-based, faster-than-real-time access to HD, SD and data assets, the new SDLT 600A with DLTxchange is a much more cost-effective storage solution than video tape. Because it is built on Quantum's popular, industry-leading DLT platform, the SDLT 600A system benefits from significant economies of scale.

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