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Новости систем хранения данных
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FireKing 2-Hour Fire and Impact Rated Records Safes
These are premium home and small office record safes, offering enhanced durability and protection. These economical safes feature a full UL Class 350 2-hour fire rating with impact. Heavy-duty hinges offer smooth door operation for the life of the safe. These safes provide important security features such as 3-way boltwork and a UL-listed relocking device with an integrated door hardplate. They offer you complete peace of mind for your important personal documents, at a most affordable price.
Protection against temperatures above 1500° and 30-foot drops.

The UL impact test calls for the safe to be heated to 1550° for 30 minutes (1638° for 45 minutes for a 2-hour fire-rated safe) then dropped onto concrete rubble from a height of 30 feet. Then it is inverted and reheated for another 30 minutes (45 minutes for a 2-hour fire-rated safe). The safe must maintain its integrity throughout the test and protect all contents.

Why is impact testing important?
In many fires, roofs will cave in or the floor will collapse, destroying everything under them. In such an event, you¹ll want to know your safe is impact-rated. All come standard with one shelf and a bolt-down kit. Pictured here with a second shelf and an optional electronic lock.

Internal Dimensions 16.875" Height 13.5" Width 12" Depth
External Dimensions 23" Height 18.625" Width 20" Depth
Weight 250 lbs
Capacity 1.6 cubic feet

Internal Dimensions 20" Height 15" Width 13.25" Depth
External Dimensions 26" Height 20" Width 21.25" Depth
Weight 325 lbs
Capacity 2.3 cubic feet

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