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Рассылка 'Новости систем хранения данных.'

Новости систем хранения данных
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Multi Media Cabinet

Choose from four cabinet sizes:

72" unit  
72"h x 36"w x 22"d outside 
64"h x 34"w x 18"d inside 83" unit  
83"h x 36"w x 22"d outside 
76"h x 34"w x 18"d inside
51" unit  
51"h x 36"w x 22"d outside 
44"h x 34"w x 18"d inside 60" unit  
60"h x 36"w x 22"d outside 
52"h x 34"w x 18"d inside

Choose from 12 useful components:


Media Roll-out shelf

Out most popular component. Includes 8 front to back dividers and compressors for each row.

  • DLT 6 rows of 11 = 66
  • 3480 6 rows of 14 = 84
  • 3570 Magstar 5 rows of 23 = 115
  • 4 mm 9 rows 0f 23 = 207
  • 8 mm 6 rows of 17 = 102
  • CDR 5 rows of 25 = 125
  • DC2000 9 rows of 17 = 153
  • DC600 4 rows of 15 = 60
  • 3.5 diskettes 9 rows of 110 = 990
  • VHS 4 rows of 11 = 44

Tape Hanger Bar

Hanger bar holds reel tape in seals or ez-load cartridges

Holds 35 reels per hanger bar, requires 9-13" of cabinet height depending on reel diameter.

Bars for media packs

Holds three molded media packs designed for specific media.  Each bar holds three packs.

  • Optical disk 10/pac
  • TK and DLT 7/pac
  • 4 mm tape 10/pac
  • 8 mm tape 10/pac
  • Magstar 10/pac

CD-ROM drawer

Each drawer has slots for each CD.  The CD~s tilt to allow easy viewing.

  • 120 CD~s per drawer

9" Filing Drawer

Drawer designed to hold either letter of legal hanging files.


12" Filing Drawer

Deeper variation of 9" drawer.


Bars for file drawers

Two bars for the file drawers above.


Roll-out shelf

Shelf measures 32"w x 17"d x 3"h.  Ideal for laptops, boxes of paper or printout.  Hint: Locate a roll-out shelf at the bottom of the cabinet for convenient access to items stored.


Fixed shelf

Store anything!!


Divider kit for fixed shelf

Five dividers plus back plate.  Ideal for ring binders or software documentation.


Reference shelf

Serves as a work-surface and staging area.


Pad lock bar

Remember the doors lock and are steel which means this added bar with your pad lock offers even more secure storage.


Hint: When configuring your cabinet locate the media drawers (EDP100109 and 100102) in the middle of the cabinet between waist and shoulder height for easy access.  The media bars (EDP100106) work well at eye level as does the fixed shelf with dividers.  A roll-out shelf at the bottom of the cabinet makes it easy to access. Put a reference shelf at waist height to use to stage your work.

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