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Рассылка 'Новости систем хранения данных.'

Новости систем хранения данных
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AIT-4 SCSI Internal Drive (AITi520/S)

High capacity, high performance : Sony AIT-4 tape drives deliver up to 520 GB capacity (with 2.6:1 compression) in a compact, 8mm data cartridge. Helical scan technology increases data recording density, while offering fast data transfer rates of up to 62.4 MB/s (2.6:1 compression).

Fast access to data with MIC : The unique Memory-In-Cassette feature of Sony AIT drives, with 64 kbits of built-in memory, speeds access to data, providing fast loading (less than 10 seconds) and quick file access (27 to 37 seconds).

High reliability : Sony AIT tape drives incorporate a redesigned head geometry, reducing head/tape pressure and delivering up to 50,000 hours of head life and an industry leading MTBF rating of 400 000 POH (100% duty cycle).

Reduced periodic maintenance : Sony AIT drives use Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME) media, which contains pure evaporated cobalt and is sealed with a super-durable Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating. In addition, AIT drives incorporate a Super Head Cleaner™ mechanism that is activated automatically when tape errors approach a certain threshold. Together, the AME media and Super Head Cleaner™ mechanism result in extraordinary reliability and virtually eliminate the need for periodic cleaning.

Storage Capacity 200 GB (Native), 520 GB (2.6:1 compression using ALDC)
Operating Temperature 40°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)
Storage Temperature -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C)
Operating Humidity 20% to 80% (non-condensing)
Other Interfaces Ultra160 Wide SCSI LVD/SE 68-Pin Connector
Sustained Transfer Rate 24 MB/s (Native), 62.4 MB/s (Compressed - assuming 2.6:1 compression with ALDC)
Burst Transfer Rate Asynchronous: 12 MB/s (max), Synchronous: 160 MB/s (max)
Average Head Life 50 000 tape contact hours
Average Media Uses 30 000 end-to-end passes
Cartridge Access Time 52 seconds
Drum Rotational Speed 8 506 RPM
Buffer Memory 96 MB
MTBF - Drive 400 000 hours at 100% duty cycle
Error Rate Less than 10-17 bits
Power Requirements DC 5 V +/-5%, DC 12 V +/-10%
Power Consumption 10 watts (average)
Limited Warranty 3 Years - contact your distributor for warranty details

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