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Рассылка 'Новости систем хранения данных.'

Новости систем хранения данных
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Внешний стример ADIC DATa 8024D, DDS3

If you have a backup requirement of up to 12 GB, then this might be a good choice. One problem though could be that the technology might become outdated over the next two to three years. The Sony DDS-2 drive has a transfer rate of 3.8GB/hour. With this rate it can backup the entire tape in about 3 hours. The low capacity and slow speeds make it apt only for backup requirements of entry-level servers, workstations, or even for small workgroups. In our tests, the drive performed well and as per its rated speeds in all backup and restore tests. But like its elder cousin, the DDS-4, it did not do any compression on normal office data.

The pricing is where this drive is good at. The initial drive comes under 25K and the media per GB cost is the lowest in this segment. Plus, it’s backward compatible with DDS-2 and DDS formats. Only issue could be that the DDS-3 format might become outdated in a few years, and finding support for it could become a problem. A better option could be the DDS-4 drive, since price differential between the two is also not very significant.

Key Specs lowest initial and tape per GB cost, DDS-3 format may become outdated.
Price Rs 24,000 (drive), Rs 415 (media), Cost/GB (media): Rs 34.58
Warranty 2 Year(s)
Interface SCSI
Tape Media DDS-3, backward compatibility: DDS-2, DDS
Rated native/compressed capacity 12/24 GB
Actual formatted capacity 11GB
Rated native/compressed Transfer Rate 4.2/8.4 GB/hr

Measured backup Transfer Rate 3.8GB/hr
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